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The Truth About Drug Charges

Drug cases are more complicated than they seem. Words and phrases like “possession,” “intent to deliver,” and “conspiracy,” have specific definitions under the law. You need a lawyer who knows what these words and phrases mean or don’t mean for your specific case.

The Constitution Is Your Greatest Asset

Sadly, in this country police procedures often violate the Constitution. When this happens you need a lawyer who can find these problems, bring them to the attention of the court and get your case dismissed. I am well-versed in every aspect of constitutional law. Because I work defending rights and have for over 20 years I know what to look for and what to do once I find it.

Faulty Evidence Causing Guilty Verdicts

Many people are charged with crimes because the evidence seems to point one way. But the police and prosecutors might be looking at the evidence wrong, and reaching all the wrong conclusions. For example, a fingerprint at the scene of a crime might show a particular person had been there at some time, but it does not prove when he or she was there, so it doesn’t prove that person had anything to do with the crime. An experienced attorney won’t let the prosecutors get away with pretending the evidence says something it doesn’t actually say.

Experienced In Overturning Scientific Evidence

Everyone has heard of cases that were overturned based on the scientific evidence. But a lawyer who is prepared to handle the scientific evidence can win the case in the first place, so it doesn’t have to be overturned later. In many cases the scientific evidence may be flawed. DNA samples, fingerprints and drug lab results all have a potential for error. It takes an intelligent and dedicated attorney to keep up with the developments in all these scientific fields. I will investigate and find any errors. Violent crimes can have faulty evidence as well. If you need serious, experienced defense, call me now at 312-690-2626.

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The Truth About Probation

“Just probation” does not mean you beat your case. Your record can follow you for the rest of your life affecting your job, your rights and your future. There are things you can do to make sure probation does not stay on your record and cause problems later. As your personal attorney I will aggressively fight for your rights at every stage and work for you to maintain a clean record and move on with your life.

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