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Professional DUI Representation

If you were arrested in Chicago or the surrounding area for DUI there is a good chance your license will be suspended, even before you go to court. While there’s no question that a DUI charge is a serious charge, it doesn’t have to ruin your life. In many cases we can fight a suspension. There are also many ways to prevent a DUI charge from becoming a permanent mark on your record.

After A Drunk Driving Arrest

Depending on the situation and your history there are often many ways to get a charge reduced or dismissed. This is especially true in cases where:

  • Your rights were violated
  • You were unlawfully pulled over or detained
  • Tests were not properly administered due to lack of training
  • The evidence is not accurate and can be challenged, such as a positive blood test for toxins

The most important thing to do is immediately contact an attorney who understands DUI arrests. The consequences can last a long time and can cost you a lot of money.

If you work with me I will make sure that when your case is over it is really over.

A Record For Strong, Successful Defense

I have successfully defended Chicago-area clients for over 20 years. I first identify the facts and the legal issues in your case. If warranted I will challenge the reason for the stop. Because field sobriety tests are only about 70 percent accurate I will challenge the results of this test or any other chemical blood exams. If there is any violation of your rights, any faulty evidence or weakness in the officer’s credibility or ability, I will find it. I want to learn about your case and tell you how I can help.

Help Is Available

Whether your DUI is drug or alcohol related, I can help. I have helped hundreds of clients with their impaired driving, drunk driving, reckless driving and other charges. As a DUI defense lawyer for the past 24 years I have successfully fought DUI and related charges. I know how to effectively assess your case and exactly how to proceed. I will communicate what is at stake and will help you understand your options.

Contact the Law Offices of Pablo DeCastro at 312-690-2626. I serve clients in Chicago, Illinois, and throughout Cook County. I also represent clients in federal cases in other states. Email me your questions and I will answer, usually within 24 hours. Se habla Español.