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Criminal Defense Representation

Seasoned Criminal Defense

When your freedom and your future are at stake you need serious criminal defense. But no matter how good your lawyer is, if you are charged in a criminal case, there are some decisions only YOU should be making, not your lawyer.

Never Just Take A Deal

When you choose the Law Offices of Pablo DeCastro you are choosing a trial attorney who focuses on fighting every aspect of criminal cases. Very often in such cases this involves sentencing. If you are not informed of the consequences you cannot make the best decision. Unless you fully understand what is at stake, never just “take a deal.”

Successful Defense For Over 20 Years

You need an attorney who is experienced in criminal law. At the Law Offices of Pablo DeCastro I have successfully defended criminal cases of all kinds for over two decades. I know how to fight your case at every step and have a respected reputation as a stalwart opponent.

I can help you successfully defend against wide range of charges, including:

The Protection Of The Constitution

The United States Constitution was written with the average person in mind. Very carefully worded, it is meant to protect us from police brutality, entrapment and the trespass of our rights. But your lawyer has to know what it says and understand how to use that in court. Very often police procedures violate the Constitution. When this happens we can work to get your drug charges, DUI charges or other criminal charges reduced or even dismissed.

Your Attorney For State Court, Federal Court And Appeals

Whether your case is in state or federal court, or on appeal, I have the know-how and experience to protect your rights and your future. Don’t risk your future to someone who is not experienced or committed. Hire a lawyer who respects you enough to explain everything, is patient enough to listen to you and who will fight for the result YOU want.

Available 24 Hours: Day And Night

Contact the Law Offices of Pablo DeCastro at 312-690-2626 anytime. I serve Cook County, Chicago, Illinois, and am licensed in many other courts in neighboring states. I also represent clients in federal cases around the country.

Not sure if you have a case? Email me and I will respond quickly. Se habla Español. For 24-hour emergency call 312-690-2626.