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Successfully Challenging Your Charges: The Law Offices Of Pablo DeCastro

While there are many big firms and law firm “mills” that will take your case there are few who offer the commitment, dedication and personal investment that I do.

A Personal Relationship

At the Law Offices of Pablo DeCastro, I take your case very seriously. Working one client at a time, I pay attention to the details of your case and get to know you as a person. It is important that the judges understand you and your life. It is vital that they see you as a whole person, not as a single act, case or docket number.

Knows The System And The Players

Many lawyers tell their clients that they know the judges. The truth is that any attorney who has worked a few years gets to know the judges. In fact, most of our current judges used to be lawyers. So it does not matter whether the attorney knows the judge. It matters that the judge knows the attorney and recognizes that he or she operates with integrity and fairness.

Experienced In Challenging The Evidence

The first question to ask is, were you unlawfully detained? Many times people are pulled over without cause and held unconstitutionally. Coerced confessions and confessions made under duress are often, with challenges from the defense, inadmissible. As a professional I am constantly seeking effective challenges to scientific evidence such as DNA, fingerprints and drug lab analysis. I have dedicated hundreds of hours to study and training to learn the science. Based on this extensive knowledge, I will work to have unreliable evidence thrown out altogether, or cross-examine the government “experts,” to destroy the impact of the evidence.

A Dedicated Community Member

As an attorney with over two decades of criminal defense experience I offer my services to the Federal Defender Office. This office has a panel of attorneys who are approved to take appointment from the court and who work to ensure that the rights of the underrepresented are protected. I do this because we deserve equal protection under the law and it is guaranteed in our Constitution.

A Highly Qualified Criminal Lawyer

I am a graduate of The University of Chicago and the Tulane University Law School. I have been practicing as a criminal defense attorney in Chicago and throughout Illinois since 1994. I have successfully defended cases from shoplifting to murder, in state and federal court and beaten all kinds of criminal cases in Chicago, Cook County and around the country.

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